Beijing Olympics – Horse racing has changed

Hong Kong will be responsible for organizing this game at the Beijing Olympics. The World Horse Racing Federation has expressed dissatisfaction with the decision on the grounds. That’s as such “at least geographically” they will be separated from the Olympics.

But Beijing officials explained that the reason for the decision was because horse-related illnesses. Which could not be foreseen that would cause nuisance and plague for the Olympics.

The president of the World Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge said: “Everyone wants the game to take place in Beijing, but it is related to sanitation issues so it is difficult to do. Thanks to the World Horse Racing Federation for their cooperation in the development of the Olympic movement.

That’s by agreeing to relocate the competition venue The Olympic Committee will do everything it can to ensure the sport This competition was a great success.

The Beijing organizers also had a talk with the person in charge of the horse racing about providing the best possible conditions for jockey and horse racing in Hong Kong. “We are delighted to have found effective solutions for horse racing at the Beijing Olympics,” said the Vice President.

A sports training area and park near Shatin Racecourse – Hong Kong were also included in the venue. The organizers will also install large wind blowers along the track to avoid humidity and heat affecting the health of the race horse.

They have found a new direction for the horse with a larger ranch, which will enable the horse to live better. The unit they had prepared for it had the background of the Olympic horse racing, Madagui industry.

This is a place where it is relatively full of all the elements to organize the Olympics on an international level and more specifically. This is the place where the No.1 Olympic Games in the Southeast.