Chinese people invest to learn horse riding

According to the South China Morning Post, rich Chinese people are willing to spend money to learn Western noble etiquette. In 2017, Jing Daily had an interview with Sara Jane Ho, founder of the first etiquette teaching school in China – Institute Sarita.

A weekly $ 10,000 course of etiquette only for the rich in China has been a huge success. Here, students learn how to pronounce luxury brands and how to cut bananas with a fork.

Chi hang tram nghin USD hoc cach tao dang, cam nia va cuoi ngua hinh anh 1

Tian emphasized her point with the story of a party at an English villa she attended. Tian is also the founder of Chengli Academy, a school that teaches skills in high society. They’re like table manners, horse riding and wealth management for Chinese super rich.

The Academy also organizes trips for students to connect with British aristocrats and the rich Americans like the Rockefeller family. Annual tuition is about $ 140,000, according to Sohu.

Studying etiquette has become a trend among Chinese super rich. Children often learned to ride horses and rowing – sports associated with the noble family.

Dinner on the cruise is often seen in meetings between young people. Although China has never had the tradition of sailing for entertainment.

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Guillaume Rue de Bernadac is one of China’s most famous etiquette coaches. His Académie de Bernadac Academy addresses the need for self-improvement and prefers the upper-class Chinese culture. Meanwhile, high-class trips to Paris or London have also become popular in recent years.

In addition, Rue de Bernadac also cooperates with luxury brands such as Cartier and Gucci to organize etiquette classes for VIP customers. Nowadays, the rich class in China is turning to consumption of social and cultural experiences. But the need for status and difference is still respected by the rich.

For these elite people, becoming a global citizen is the ultimate goal. For luxury brands looking to attract the younger generation of China, the image of a discerning global citizen is the best they can offer.