Experience horse racing in Tokyo Keiba city

Horse racing is an important part of Australian culture. I grew up in Melbourne, where one of the largest horse races in the world – Melbourne Cup. It is affectionately known as the race that stops a nation. Which gives you some range of how popular the sport is in the ground down.

Interestingly, I had no racing experience in Japan until recently. I had the opportunity to visit a track in central Tokyo called Keiba Racecourse. And there are regular events held here, where you can enjoy the excitement of horse racing for yourself.

Trải nghiệm đua ngựa tại thành phố Tokyo Keiba photo

Keiba Racecourse is one of the most lively and diverse racing venues I’ve been to. There are attendees from all age groups, including families with young children.

They are known for their sparkling races here, and when the sun starts to go down the lights turn on! You will see everything from trees lit up in the outdoor dining area.

Through to horseback riding and transport complete with illuminated fairy lights. If you’re looking for a unique night spot or another place for a girl out night, a trip to the races might just be the ticket.

The race experience at Oi Racecourse is much more comfortable than this, which makes for a pleasant change. Of course, if you want to get all frocked up in your Sunday best go right ahead. But you won’t be out of place in jeans and a t-shirt either.

Trải nghiệm đua ngựa tại thành phố Tokyo Keiba photo

One of the best parts about is that you can do a whole night. A trip to the races – especially with evening events. There are many different dining options at the venue, for all tastes.

Okonomiyaki, karaage, burgers and chips, yakitori and rice curry are just a few of the options available. They even have a grill, where you can sit and grill up the food you want!