Experience horse riding at the birthplace of pure Japanese horse breeds

Tomisato City, Chiba Prefecture, used to be the home of the Shimofusa Imperial Farm under the control of the Imperial Japanese Authority. This farm became the first to import and breed racehorses in Japan.

Fukui Horse Camp is located on the Kuzuryu River, west of Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture. This stadium is also the Fukui Racecourse. But unfortunately this area is not used for the 2018 National Sports Competition in Fukui as it is very small.

There are 24 horses here, including those from the park itself. Others are from private and local schools. Not only are professional riders allowed to participate in equestrian events, but those who wish to try riding on horseback are also welcome.

30-minute individual horseback riding exercise costs ¥ 5,000. You can receive a membership card from the club, valid for one year. Enjoy brushing or sunbathing after riding.

It was the equestrian club located right next to the race horse ranch. The expansive campus of the Tomisato Horse Park includes four large and small riding fields, three grasslands, and a walking trail.

Fully equipped with showers and changing rooms, the club building regularly hosts interesting events such as a barbecue on the front lawn. You and your family will have a day to care for and feed farm animals, ride horses, watch beautiful flower fields, play in the theme park.

The landscape of Yotsumata Benten and Nakazawa Yotsutsuka rice fields was chosen as the cultural landscape of Chiba Prefecture. The landscape of the paddy field changes dramatically with the seasons, like the scene of the planting of rice in spring.

Alternatively, if you walk along Highway 409 towards Yachimata town from Tomisato Horse Park. Having a giant watermelon-shaped gas tank will definitely make you unable to take your eyes off. After the equestrian exercise, the horses are bathed and played with the rider