Explore the Flyinge riding center

The Flyinge equestrian center is one of the oldest racing horse farms in the world and a great place to visit whether or not you are a horse riding enthusiast. The site allows free entry and you can walk around admiring the ancient horses and ranch architecture.

Riding a two-storey luxury conveyor belt is a children’s play equipment with a new style and vibrant colors. The upper and lower floors run respectively and are royally decorated. Once started, the conveyor belt spins at a constant speed and horses of different shapes rise and descend with it. That’s giving the rider the feeling of different animal meadows.

Two-story conveyor belt riding is suitable for crowded places such as park playground, living square, community. The product is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, has good safety, corrosion resistance and stability, can be customized according to site conditions.

Argentinian driver Adolfo Cambiaso won the first place in the Argentina Nation Open race, holding nine records, two of which are thanks to a cloned horse named Show Me. It was the first product of this kind in the world to join the racetrack, opening up new possibilities in the field of human sport in the near future.

He thinks cloned animals are not safe, even the Americans have not legalized this problem. They do not allow cloned horses to join the racetrack, they even forbid cloning. So clubs like the Jocky Club of America have to register for horse racing in other countries in North America.

Currently, science has produced many cloned horse products. The first cloned horse named Prometea was born in 2003. According to the FEI, an average of 300 horses participate in the Olympics each year and these clones must compete.

And this is the right decision to help the humanization industry evolve, closer to the ethical issue that the public is currently debating.