Go to Kentucky to see horse racing festival

The star in rugby village, DeAndre Hopkins of Houston Texans team is not only famous for the gifted talent but also because of his “touch”. Horse racing in North America is a huge business industry, worth tens of millions of dollars. North American race horses usually start running when they are only 2 years old.

The biggest tournaments in North America are Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont. These three tournaments are only for 3-year-old horses, collectively known as “The Triple Crown”. It is said that this is the entertainment place of riding the rich people.

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Horse racing in Kentucky is rich in history, dating back to 1789 when the first racing course was held in Lexington. However, it was nearly 100 years later, in 1875, that Churchill Downs officially opened and began its tradition with the name “Home of the Kentucky Derby”.

Upon returning, Clark began to develop the race with the intention of introducing Kentucky’s livestock industry and eventually became known as “Churchill Downs”.

Churchill Downs had the first official race day to open on May 17, 1875. In this first tournament, Meriwether Lewis Clark created three major races – Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Oaks and Clark Handicap. They are modeled after the top three races in the UK – Epsom Derby, Epsom Oaks and St. Leger Stakes.

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Nowadays, Churchill Downs is owned and operated by Churchill Downs Incorporated and currently holds the record for the most continuous sports event in the United States. In 1875, the race to open the race had nearly 10,000 spectators and set the stage for an annual festival now recognized worldwide with the record participation of more than 170,000 people.

Despite many changes over the course of three centuries, the Kentucky Derby is known to be a “two-minute most exciting sport” tournament because each race lasts only about that amount of time.