Have you ever been to a horse racing in Japan

If not a horse racing fan is there any chance of getting to the racetrack? In winter the “Oi Racecourse” in Shinagawa will be turned into a light festival open to everyone. This year the name of the event is TOKYO MEGA ILLUMINATION 2019-2020.

A 2-minute walk from Oikeibajo-mae Station on the Tokyo Monorail Line will bring you to the Oi Racecourse. The entrance to the light is somewhat classic to match the architecture here. Right above is the sea TOKYO MEGA ILLUMINATION 2019-2020 and two cute horses.

The spacious grounds of the racecourse are filled with different lighting perspectives. The most noticeable is the rainbow-light fountain, which dazzles against the night sky. The most favorable location to watch is the seats in the stands overlooking the main horse racing field.

This garden is designed based on the image of the Taisho period. Giant lantern-like patterns have internal lights that accentuate exterior colors and textures. If you look closely, you will see a lot of decoration with a picture of a horse.

“Edogawa nigiwai koya” is inspired by the sincere Edo period town. Torii gates and lanterns appear in a warm light that makes you feel like you’re the main character in an old movie. Along the way are videos and music based on Edo themes.

An indispensable perspective in light festivals is the tunnel of light. This path is called the Edo Cherry Blossom Tunnel because of the cherry blossom-shaped decorative bulbs. Throughout the 100m of the tunnel is the constantly changing light that ensures you get magical photos.

Not only the light tunnel, the garden of light, but the TOKYO MEGA ILLUMINATION also has many other beautiful perspectives like the rose garden. The large roses with many different colors are meticulously crafted with layers of petals like real flowers.

TOKYO MEGA ILLUMINATION 2019-2010 is the only place for you to see the light on the track in the old Japanese atmosphere of the racecourse. Among Tokyo’s winter light festivals this is a large scale venue so it’s worth a visit!