Horse racing – Interesting stories from equestrian athletes

Horse racing is a sport that has existed for many centuries. This is considered the most unique and spectacular Royal sport. Currently, horse racing is receiving special attention from Western countries. Because it brings many miracles and interesting things not only for riders – athletes. But they also give special people new hope.

But to become a true horse operator is very difficult indeed. Because horse drivers need special experience and learning a lot. In it, for example, how to climb on a horse, how to sit comfortably, how to pull the reins. Or the way to interact and control the speed of the race horse.

In particular, horse riders also need to know how to handle situations during the race. Otherwise, they will greatly affect the race and easily injure the operator. What’s more, horse-riders are mostly aristocratic. Or just in some mountainous areas that organize the sport.

Even though the rider is just an ordinary horse rider. And horse racing is just a noble recreational sport. However, in the midst of this large mass, hope can be distributed to everyone.

In the small country of Haiti, helping children with disabilities and autistic children by horse was born. Here, athletes built horse-riding zones for the disabled. They help the children come into contact with and experience this exciting sport.

During the process of riding, athletes will guide and mentor the children. The time they can practice horseback riding is about 15 to 30 minutes. After the practice is over, the children can confide in and talk to the horses.

This will help children have more passion, hope and release their body. To help them be more optimistic in this difficult life. In addition, horseback riding is also a very good treatment for the body.

In addition, another proof that this special feature is disabled athlete Maximilian Tan. Although the guy is defective in his feet. However, with extraordinary energy, he became a professional horse racer.