Immerse yourself in the unique Italian Palio horse racing festival

Italy always knows how to attract the attention of tourists from all over the world because of its very unique cultural traditions. The festival is also a part of that culture, but not all festivals make a deep impression on visitors so they always remember it.

But the horse racing festival is different. It makes people do their best like a real native in the races. So what is attractive about this festival, let’s find out now.

Lễ hội đua ngựa Palio - Nét văn hóa đặc sắc của Siena - Household ...

Taking place annually in the central square Siena-pizza de Campo, the Palio horse racing festival has been held from 1644 until now. This is not only a festival to honor the spirit of sport, but also a traditional ritual to praise the Virgin Mary and commemorate the medieval past.

During the two days of the race, from early morning, people will gather around the squares to witness the extremely dramatic races. That’s while immersing in the unique Italian Palio horse racing festival. It is estimated that more than 10,000 people attended. Each race will take place 3 rounds, takes 30 minutes.

Although the time is very short, it is always dramatic, especially the last round approaching the finish line. At this time, the cheering and cheering of the audience is the driving force that inspires the brave riders and horses to reach the finish line.

On the racetrack, the knights must hold onto the horse’s back firmly to keep the other horses away from their horses. They might be knocked out of the saddle, but the first horse finishes, the district still wins.

Lễ hội đua ngựa truyền thống Il Palio ở Ý - Đại lý Aeroflot Việt Nam

If any horse wins, the district will be rushed into the race to embrace their horse and knight for bravely fighting to bring a glorious victory to the district. The main prize was the Mother Mary’s Flag with the name of the winner. But it was probably not the happiest thing, but the happiness of being the pride of the district.

At the end of the race, people will hold a celebration party to relax, compensate for the days of training and very hard preparation. That is why Palio’s echo also lasted for many days after that.