Kim Jong-un directed the construction of a professional horse racing club

Kim Jong-un criticized his subordinates when considering the design proposal to build a professional horse racing club. Kim Jong-un said that, although he himself provided professional racecourse materials to the research department. But this department basically did not study it.

Kim Jong-un’s leader on a trip to a new construction site in North Korea directed the construction of a professional-grade horse racing club. Earlier, Kim Jong-un had inspected the construction site of the Victory War Museum of North Korea and the water park. Here Kim Jong-un instructs his subordinates to complete the work before October 10 this year to officially put into use.

Ngựa thần ông Kim cưỡi trên đỉnh Paektu: Thần tiên mới cưỡi nổi ...

Kim Jong-un leader criticized his subordinates when considering the design plan to build a professional horse racing club. Kim Jong-un asked to readjust the track. At the same time, building an independent building to be used as a place to teach horse and stables skills.

At the same time solve the problems arising from traffic, planting many trees around the equestrian club area. The large areas are for rockery, fake mountains and roads for guests to walk and rest.

Kim Jong-un has two trips on the snowy slopes of the sacred Paektu mountain in North Korea. And he was accompanied by senior officials, according to the KCNA news agency.

North Korea has spent more than $ 75,000 to import 12 thoroughbred horses from Russia. It is said to be for serving on a snow mountain ride by leader Kim Jong-un.

Kim Jong-un cưỡi ngựa thị sát quân đội - VnExpress

For a long time, North Korea often imported expensive horses from Russia and Russian customs data showed that North Korea may have bought additional. Reuters cited Russian customs data showing that Russia exported to North Korea 12 horses worth a total of $ 75,509 last year. North Korea spent 192.204 USD to buy 61 horses from Russia.

In total, North Korea imported at least 138 horses between 2010 and 2020. That’s for a total of $ 584,302, according to Russian customs data.