One day to the same horse race at Manade Fernay

Are you tired of city life and want to find a place to mingle with nature? We are honored to present to you a venue that meets that need with a very French experience. This is equestrianism at Arles.

Manado de Fernay is a ranch about 3 kilometers from the center of Arles. Here you can attend many events such as horseback riding, watching wild horses. You can experience the atmosphere of southern France around July and August each year, in the show “Entre Camargue et Andalousie”.

These are the two breeds of the Camargues and the Andalousie. A place that will showcase Arles’ traditional costumes and folk performances. The horse-riding program will take place in the main courtyard of the farm.

The Camargue is a horse breed not only famous for its white color, but also because it is a fairly wild breed, freely released in the fields. This ancient breed is found in the Camargue region of southern France.

Although its origins are somewhat unknown, this is one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. And especially this horse is also very photogenic, so attractive to those who love to travel and love to take pictures, right?

The Camargue is often referred to by the horse name of the sea. Prized for a calm and ready temperament, the Camargue horses form a strong bond with the rider. And indeed this is a very attractive horse, and even if you have never ridden, you should not miss this opportunity.

I absolutely have an interesting time here, Camargue horses come out from the comics. This is an unforgettable memory in the south of France. I hope you will have the opportunity to enjoy the charms of this place and enjoy the cuisine in Provence.