Racing hors suddenly broke into the bar in France

The fact that the horse rushed into a bar in Paris made everyone very scared. The people who gathered the horse racing and the staff here had a surprise and panic.

At a bar in the city of Chantilly, Oise town (north of Paris, France), everything remains as peaceful as usual until the appearance of a racing horse. He suddenly broke into the bar, kicking tables and chairs to clear the path and rushing towards the corner where everyone was gambling. Is this your action to protest the horse racing betting?

Jean-Marie Beguigne is the horse’s trainer. He shared with Ouest France that he had to salute the hyper-horse after he fell down his rider and quickly escaped. He continued his adventure by crossing the road.

Hồi sinh “làng chiến mã” - Khoa học và đời sống

It ran around the neighborhood then plunged into the bar to cause chaos and disturb the guests who were betting. After suddenly seeing the horse rushing into the bar, the guests present and even the waitress standing behind the bar were stunned. Everyone rushed away, fortunately no one was injured because of this incident.

Stephane Jasmin – the owner of the bar posted a video of the funny scene that day on Youtube. At the same time, he expressed dissatisfaction because the horse upset everything and ruined the business of the shop. Some of the guests who bet had lost all their money in the unfinished crying situation that happened at the bar.

In France, sports betting such as horse racing or football is perfectly legal, one of the famous companies in this field is Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU). The company has opened a bar chain, installing many large screens so that the audience can watch live matches and play betting here. The place where the horse rushed in to cause trouble is also one of the bars in the PMU system chain.