Riding horse learn courage

The girl wearing boots and helmets, slowly walked over to the familiar milky-white horse, rubbed her head and looked at it with affectionate eyes. That is the basic knowledge that An was taught when learning to ride sports. She learned how to communicate with animals in her own language.

The first lesson, she was taught by the teacher how to get acquainted, don’t startle the horse, don’t go from behind. Going ahead of it, slowly, rub his head, tap the side of the horse.

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She was also taught how to wear a helmet, how to close a saddle, and tie a bridle. After that, the teacher showed her how to safely climb on a horse. She learned how to ride a horse for a month. She said that she struggled to sit on a horse’s equilibrium without falling back.

At first her younger sister thought the horse was very fierce and riding was easy to fall over. But learning many sessions, the gentle horse is very lovely. There will be a special language for me to talk to. An said and clicked his tongue, the docile horse slowly walking a circle around the yard.

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Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, her father drove his children to the horse-riding club. In the early days, Gold was acquainted with horses, learned how to warm up before each exercise, sat on the horse balance.

After each lesson, Gold is taught by the coaches how to feed the horse, groom, and bath the horse. My favorite is to wash my horse with water. The teacher said this was a way for the horse to understand its love for it.

The young coach also said that horses are friendly, smart and affectionate animals. So every person who wants to learn how to ride a horse needs to love this animal, understand how to take care of it and pet it so that it can feel its sincerity.