Seoul Horse Racing Park, exciting entertainment area and attractive

Where are we going to see horse racing today? In the list of tourist spots for spring travel, it is indispensable to The Seoul Horse Racing Park.

The Seoul Racecourse Park was officially moved here in 1986, as the racetrack during the Asian Games. They built and opened the racecourse and park complex in 1989. Every Saturday, about 10 laps take place here.

The racecourse opened during the 1986 Asian Games and the 1988 Olympic Games, the Pony Land Family Zone with a wild flower garden and a horse racing track for kids.

The Korean Horse Racing Association has researched and selected to implement a horse racing project at the park. The implemented project will be a new destination for sports and tourism, contributing to attracting domestic and foreign tourists to visit and entertain. You can also use the Park’s dedicated buses.

Busan’s largest horse racing is the largest horse theme park in Korea. On horse racing days, if you have a bit of passion, you can take part in horse racing. If not, you just need to take a walk and take pictures, a picnic in the park is also enough to love. There are professional horse riding classes for kids and adults. But to learn, you need to know a little Korean to be eligible to participate

There is a special type of vehicle that takes visitors to the Horse Racing Park. But you cannot pass by the main racetrack with horses galloping to enter the park. So one has to make underground roads for people to travel without affecting the race.

Mr. Lee Daa Bong said that the necessary conditions for the Racecourse project have been carefully prepared by Charmvit Group so far. Hope you will have a very surprising experience at Seoul Horse Racing Park.