Strange horse races in the world

Riding on horseback chasing a girl for a kiss is one of the strangest forms of horse racing in the world. The child riders participated in the Shetland Horse Gold Cup which took place at the Plumpton racetrack in East Sussex, UK on October 22, 2012.

Shetland horses, just under one meter tall, are famous for their extraordinary health in their small stems. They were used to tow heavy trucks at mineral deposits during the industrial revolution.

Ngựa Xích thố giả” vơ vét mọi giải thưởng giải đấu 100 tỷ USD

Horse Racing is a race that mimics the annual Grand National horse race in downtown Birmingham. In this race, participants will put their legs in the hind legs of a cotton horse and try to overcome obstacles to finish.

Kyz kuumal is a popular traditional sport in Kyrgyz and Kazakh. It is also known as “kissing game”. Participating in this game requires two riders: one male and one female. The rules of the game are also very simple. The male knight stood at the starting line. The female knight would stand a certain distance behind him.

The game starts when the girl starts off at full speed and the male knight has to chase as soon as the girl approaches him. Then they will run to the finish. If the male knight reaches the destination first, he has the right to kiss the girl.

The Gold Coast Turf Club race bikini competition first took place in Australia in 2010. The girls participating in the race will have to wear bikinis, sneakers and cross obstacles at the racetrack horse Hollywood Park.

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According to the plan, the contest has about 150 contestants. These women will wear bikinis and run on sneakers. They will have to run across the barriers to get past the knockout rounds. The winner will win a prize of 5,000 USD.

The Gold Coast Turf Club hopes that this competition will attract female athletes to join. It will be a fun, comfortable race for both the athlete and the audience. They also hope this contest will be held annually in the summer.