The Rolex Grand Slam – horse riding tournament

The Dutch Masters indoor horse riding competition is held at ‘s-Hertogenbosch – one of the four horse racing competitions of the Grand Slam Rolex and also the most prestigious on the international circuit. Enthusiasts have been living in an exciting atmosphere while watching the best riders compete for the throne in this prestigious competition.

The Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping is a new challenge in history created in 2013. The Dutch Masters indoor horse show became the fourth Major race of Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping. There are the participation of the best athletes in the world, supplementing the chances to win the most desired prize in this sport.

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Riding talents gathered on the grounds of the Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom. They participate in an epic international competition on horse training, horse jumping, horseback riding and endurance horse riding competitions. Rolex first became an official partner, in 2016. Especially important, when the program included Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday celebration.

It is known as the top horse jumping competition in the world. The Rolex Grand Slam equestrian tournament will reward athletes who win consecutively in these three categories.

This is the great dream of the athletes, symbolizing the people who are full of enthusiasm and passion. This has a strong charisma that makes them unite on the solemn stage, together with a shared passion.

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The virtuous dance moves, the elegant and slow trotting, the wonderful smooth movements. The Aachen Tournament simulates an unexpected event that no one could predict.

The best horses and riders in the world, competing to the best of their ability. The CSIO Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’ Tournament is considered by many fans to be the top horse racing event in North America. And Rolex has proudly been involved with this event since 1989