When will you let your child learn to ride

You can try to give your child an old class – horse riding. It takes only a few weeks for your child to ride a horse, and if he wants his child to become a knight it will take a whole year.

Depending on the needs, you can let your child study for a short or long time. But the purpose of this sport makes them have moments of fun, practicing bravery and dynamism.

You will hear the arrogant neighing and purring of horses. They make you feel excited and believe that your children will enjoy it. You will hear students cheering excitedly when a rider makes an impression. There are also the screams of a practitioner who has just fallen.

In addition, the trainer’s voice echoes instructions for each movement for students to control their horses. In particular, when some children perform the horseback riding screen over the barrier.

Cưỡi ngựa giúp giảm stress cho thanh thiếu niên - VnExpress Sức khỏe

The horse prancing upwards to jump over the fence is impressive, making anyone watching also enjoy it. This is a new learner or do not know how to ride a horse, it is nervous and risky. But when the child rides well, it is very interesting, find himself brave.

Children 10 years of age and older learn to ride horses as well. Before entering the training ground, students must wear a helmet, shoes to wear. The coach will directly check and decide whether or not the student will enter the training ground.

Students will receive coaching advice and choose a suitable horse to make you familiar with. Depending on the age, there will be horses suitable for each student. Learning to ride, the horse falls are common when the horses become evidence. So in addition to learning to ride, you need to get used to the personality of each horse.