Seoul Horse Racing Park, exciting entertainment area and attractive

Where are we going to see horse racing today? In the list of tourist spots for spring travel, it is indispensable to The Seoul Horse Racing Park.

The Seoul Racecourse Park was officially moved here in 1986, as the racetrack during the Asian Games. They built and opened the racecourse and park complex in 1989. Every Saturday, about 10 laps take place here.

The racecourse opened during the 1986 Asian Games and the 1988 Olympic Games, the Pony Land Family Zone with a wild flower garden and a horse racing track for kids.

The Korean Horse Racing Association has researched and selected to implement a horse racing project at the park. The implemented project will be a new destination for sports and tourism, contributing to attracting domestic and foreign tourists to visit and entertain. You can also use the Park’s dedicated buses.

Busan’s largest horse racing is the largest horse theme park in Korea. On horse racing days, if you have a bit of passion, you can take part in horse racing. If not, you just need to take a walk and take pictures, a picnic in the park is also enough to love. There are professional horse riding classes for kids and adults. But to learn, you need to know a little Korean to be eligible to participate

There is a special type of vehicle that takes visitors to the Horse Racing Park. But you cannot pass by the main racetrack with horses galloping to enter the park. So one has to make underground roads for people to travel without affecting the race.

Mr. Lee Daa Bong said that the necessary conditions for the Racecourse project have been carefully prepared by Charmvit Group so far. Hope you will have a very surprising experience at Seoul Horse Racing Park.

Explore the Flyinge riding center

The Flyinge equestrian center is one of the oldest racing horse farms in the world and a great place to visit whether or not you are a horse riding enthusiast. The site allows free entry and you can walk around admiring the ancient horses and ranch architecture.

Riding a two-storey luxury conveyor belt is a children’s play equipment with a new style and vibrant colors. The upper and lower floors run respectively and are royally decorated. Once started, the conveyor belt spins at a constant speed and horses of different shapes rise and descend with it. That’s giving the rider the feeling of different animal meadows.

Two-story conveyor belt riding is suitable for crowded places such as park playground, living square, community. The product is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, has good safety, corrosion resistance and stability, can be customized according to site conditions.

Argentinian driver Adolfo Cambiaso won the first place in the Argentina Nation Open race, holding nine records, two of which are thanks to a cloned horse named Show Me. It was the first product of this kind in the world to join the racetrack, opening up new possibilities in the field of human sport in the near future.

He thinks cloned animals are not safe, even the Americans have not legalized this problem. They do not allow cloned horses to join the racetrack, they even forbid cloning. So clubs like the Jocky Club of America have to register for horse racing in other countries in North America.

Currently, science has produced many cloned horse products. The first cloned horse named Prometea was born in 2003. According to the FEI, an average of 300 horses participate in the Olympics each year and these clones must compete.

And this is the right decision to help the humanization industry evolve, closer to the ethical issue that the public is currently debating.

The horse race has the longest track in the world

Mongol Derby, Mongolia is the longest horse race in the world, with a 1000 km track through the Mongolian grassland ecology. Mongol Derby is an endurance horse race with a 1000 km long track going through the Mongol grassland ecology.

It is known as the longest horse race in the world. The tournament was first held in 2009 and in 2010 it recorded the Guinness World Record as the longest horse racing in the world.

This track revived the once floating horse communication system developed by Genghis Khan in 1224. During the 2016 race, 21 men and 23 women acted as messengers. representing 13 countries.

The specific track itinerary changes each year and is kept private until before the race prepares begins. Although the route changes, the topography of the track. That always includes mountain passes, wide green valleys, forested hills and mountains, river crossings, especially always past prairie terrain.

The race track fee as of 2020 is 11,375 euros, the service includes allowing a participant to choose which horse to compete with. There’s also a support team, a training ground and support stations along the track.

On the track, every 40 km, players must change horses at support stations. Along the track, there will always be veterinarians checking and monitoring the health of the horses. And there are strict fines if players let them run over or over time.

However, to participate in the race, each player is required to demonstrate their racing skills to ensure that they can withstand the rigors of each terrain during the race. Additionally, the horses selected for the race are semi-wild and may not be tamed easily, thus increasing the difficulty for the runner.

The race lasts for 10 days and each player will have to race for 13-15 hours each day. To complete the race is truly a glorious feat and every year, only half of the players complete this tough horse race.

Experience horse riding at the birthplace of pure Japanese horse breeds

Tomisato City, Chiba Prefecture, used to be the home of the Shimofusa Imperial Farm under the control of the Imperial Japanese Authority. This farm became the first to import and breed racehorses in Japan.

Fukui Horse Camp is located on the Kuzuryu River, west of Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture. This stadium is also the Fukui Racecourse. But unfortunately this area is not used for the 2018 National Sports Competition in Fukui as it is very small.

There are 24 horses here, including those from the park itself. Others are from private and local schools. Not only are professional riders allowed to participate in equestrian events, but those who wish to try riding on horseback are also welcome.

30-minute individual horseback riding exercise costs ¥ 5,000. You can receive a membership card from the club, valid for one year. Enjoy brushing or sunbathing after riding.

It was the equestrian club located right next to the race horse ranch. The expansive campus of the Tomisato Horse Park includes four large and small riding fields, three grasslands, and a walking trail.

Fully equipped with showers and changing rooms, the club building regularly hosts interesting events such as a barbecue on the front lawn. You and your family will have a day to care for and feed farm animals, ride horses, watch beautiful flower fields, play in the theme park.

The landscape of Yotsumata Benten and Nakazawa Yotsutsuka rice fields was chosen as the cultural landscape of Chiba Prefecture. The landscape of the paddy field changes dramatically with the seasons, like the scene of the planting of rice in spring.

Alternatively, if you walk along Highway 409 towards Yachimata town from Tomisato Horse Park. Having a giant watermelon-shaped gas tank will definitely make you unable to take your eyes off. After the equestrian exercise, the horses are bathed and played with the rider

One day to the same horse race at Manade Fernay

Are you tired of city life and want to find a place to mingle with nature? We are honored to present to you a venue that meets that need with a very French experience. This is equestrianism at Arles.

Manado de Fernay is a ranch about 3 kilometers from the center of Arles. Here you can attend many events such as horseback riding, watching wild horses. You can experience the atmosphere of southern France around July and August each year, in the show “Entre Camargue et Andalousie”.

These are the two breeds of the Camargues and the Andalousie. A place that will showcase Arles’ traditional costumes and folk performances. The horse-riding program will take place in the main courtyard of the farm.

The Camargue is a horse breed not only famous for its white color, but also because it is a fairly wild breed, freely released in the fields. This ancient breed is found in the Camargue region of southern France.

Although its origins are somewhat unknown, this is one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. And especially this horse is also very photogenic, so attractive to those who love to travel and love to take pictures, right?

The Camargue is often referred to by the horse name of the sea. Prized for a calm and ready temperament, the Camargue horses form a strong bond with the rider. And indeed this is a very attractive horse, and even if you have never ridden, you should not miss this opportunity.

I absolutely have an interesting time here, Camargue horses come out from the comics. This is an unforgettable memory in the south of France. I hope you will have the opportunity to enjoy the charms of this place and enjoy the cuisine in Provence.

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Reitaisai horse ridding Festival

You will be amazed at the strength, skill, and endurance of equestrian archers as they compete in this Heian Period competition. The Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Reitaisai Festival will be held in Kamakura.

There will be many Japanese men wearing hunting costumes similar to feudal cavalry together in a Yabusame competition. Yabusame is a competition that combines Japanese-style horse riding and archery skills.

Early in the morning, people found Shinto priests performing all kinds of rituals. At about 10 am, the cavalry began to practice. Archers must ride on long distances between 208 and 255 meters at a high speed.

Slowly they let go of the reins, making archery with their bare hands. This skill requires dexterity and strength, as they can only use their legs to stay on horseback.

And it was accomplished during the peaceful 250 years of the Edo Period. Every year in December, technology that is difficult and regrettably fading with time is being honored at the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine.

That’s during the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Reitaisai Festival. The Reitaisai is a competition that requires strength, skill and endurance, similar to medieval tournaments in Europe.

Three archery targets were placed along a line 250 m long. Archers will wear traditional samurai hunting costumes and gallop on horseback, firing an arrow at each target one after another.

The arrows are specially designed to emit flute when shot so that the audience can hear. Thousands of people will attend the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Reitaisai festival every year.

Although the yabusame is the main event, the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Reitaisai Festival still has a lot to explore. Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine will hold a tea ceremony to honor the gods, along with a performance of traditional horse riding dances.

Next to the parade with mikoshi temples walking on the street. Everyone can enjoy the festive atmosphere with a variety of street food and drinks here. Don’t forget, you can also enjoy this horse racing yabusame at the Kamakura Festival next April.

How to training a racehorse

Other sections of possession and training of a racehorse can be a good pastime, especially if you’re into competitive races. Horses need to be young and strong enough to race, so it is important to begin training when the horse is about 1 year old.

If you feel confident in your horse riding and handling skills, you can succeed in your journey to becoming a horse racing trainer! Don’t try riding a horse. Instead, you should use a long wire to guide him around.

Focus on letting the horse obey basic commands, such as bow and run as you pull on the ropes. It might take a bit of trial and error before your horse executes these basic commands, so be patient. You can use a lead with 2 long reins attached, if that is easier.

The roller is a good stepping stone for this. You can buy a roller from any store that sells horse gear. Let the horse run with laces and saddle on your back. Continue your exercise regimen in the round lawn, encouraging the horse to run in a circular motion.

After your horse appears comfortable with the roller, transfer it with a pad and saddle. Let the horse run with the new device on its back so it can continue to adjust.

Teach your horse to use a bit on a regular basis. Find a little or metal mouthpiece that matches your horse’s temperament and training level. You can be successful with the traditional, flexible D-ring bit in the center. You may want to use a ring or a Houghton, which gives you a little more control.

While training your racehorse on the ground, slide a long reins and a long set of reins onto your horse’s head. Continue training your horse in a round barn or lawn. If your horse is not comfortable with the basics. It will not be able to run and train properly on the track.

Excellent skill to conquer the race track of modern horse racing coaches

Horse training has been difficult, coaching even more difficult. Horses are easy to pick, but a trainer must be qualified and accept tough training. Therefore, only those who are truly passionate can accept the profession of being a horse trainer.

Once a horse trainer he is only allowed to have a single body weight. That weight was not allowed to change as long as he was on the saddle. To get a body, the right weight by standards, keeping that weight intact over time is not easy. Therefore, the coach must bravely accept harsh pressure exercises.

Getting to know the horse is very important, plays an essential role in the success or failure of the race. Most of the jockeys come from horse-keeping families, but when they race all the horses from another kiln. If you do not know the horse, the coach will not know its strengths and weaknesses and promote or prevent.

There are many different methods and methods of training horses. Depending on the weight of the horse or depending on the time you want to be fast or slow. However, one of the most popular ways is to dehydrate the body in a short time.

For the horse racing industry, in addition to forcing the body to reduce weight, the players are also knowledgeable in certain racing techniques. These techniques are considered as professional secrets, inherited from their predecessors and their own experiences.

As a professional horse racing instructor, horsemen can easily interact with the loyal animal by many methods. In addition to petting the horse, the coaches have to feed and interact regularly with horses through the race.

Moreover, without knowing the animal’s personality, weaknesses and strengths, it is difficult to win. Meet the gentle horse, enter the track, the opponent looks more fierce. On the contrary, encountering a formidable horse, having too much burdens when it does not run according to its will, affecting its racing technique.

How to ride a horse and stop

There are a few basic skills you will need to learn when you first learn to drive. These are the building blocks for being a good racer. The first thing you will want to understand as you learn to drive is how to stop, whoa or stop.

Your instructor can use any of those words when they want you to bring your horse to a standstill. Most likely, your first steps as you learn to drive will be to walk. But before you do that, you need to know how to stop.

To stop, close your finger and squeeze back. The horse should stop when he feels the pull backward. As you use the support tools, you will eventually learn to stop using your body, seat, and legs. By stopping your body you are hugging your horse to stop well.

That’s as you acquire the skill and fine tune of your assistants. You will push your seat deeper into the saddle, stiffen your back, slightly pull your legs up on the horse and tighten the reins. As soon as the horse reacts and comes to a complete stop.

This does not have to be forced. It sometimes helps to breathe out when you stop. Sometimes you will need to apply a stronger, pull-back help if the horse doesn’t want to stop.

Keep in mind, if you are heading for a show, you will not be able to use the voice cues while you are riding in a horse show. Your signals for the stop should be smooth. When you have stopped completely or stopped, you may be asked to walk, sprint or jog or even canter or lope depending on the advanced level of your instructor.

If you stopped because your ride was over, compliment your horse, be it a scratch or a pat on the neck. Disassembly and loosening of the barn or cinch, and if your ride ends, run up. Like any new skill, learning to stop can take time until it feels comfortable and natural. Eventually, it will automatically come and your support will be more effective

Horse racing – Interesting stories from equestrian athletes

Horse racing is a sport that has existed for many centuries. This is considered the most unique and spectacular Royal sport. Currently, horse racing is receiving special attention from Western countries. Because it brings many miracles and interesting things not only for riders – athletes. But they also give special people new hope.

But to become a true horse operator is very difficult indeed. Because horse drivers need special experience and learning a lot. In it, for example, how to climb on a horse, how to sit comfortably, how to pull the reins. Or the way to interact and control the speed of the race horse.

In particular, horse riders also need to know how to handle situations during the race. Otherwise, they will greatly affect the race and easily injure the operator. What’s more, horse-riders are mostly aristocratic. Or just in some mountainous areas that organize the sport.

Even though the rider is just an ordinary horse rider. And horse racing is just a noble recreational sport. However, in the midst of this large mass, hope can be distributed to everyone.

In the small country of Haiti, helping children with disabilities and autistic children by horse was born. Here, athletes built horse-riding zones for the disabled. They help the children come into contact with and experience this exciting sport.

During the process of riding, athletes will guide and mentor the children. The time they can practice horseback riding is about 15 to 30 minutes. After the practice is over, the children can confide in and talk to the horses.

This will help children have more passion, hope and release their body. To help them be more optimistic in this difficult life. In addition, horseback riding is also a very good treatment for the body.

In addition, another proof that this special feature is disabled athlete Maximilian Tan. Although the guy is defective in his feet. However, with extraordinary energy, he became a professional horse racer.